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Dear STA Families,

On Saturday, a group of about 50 St. Thomas the Apostle Eighth Graders and many of their parents spent the day remodeling the home of a family in need referred by St. Vincent de Paul's Fresh Perspectives program. Under the leadership of STA parents Stacey Kelly and Debbie McGuire (along with their daughters Bridget and Maggie), and with the assistance of St. Vincent de Paul staff, the home of a family of six was cleared out for major renovation. The bare concrete floors were covered with beautiful vinyl flooring and carpeting, all the rooms received a fresh coat of paint, the home was filled with donated furniture, and the backyard now has a grassy area and a garden filled with growing vegetables and a refurbished play structure.

About 60 people spent the day installing ceiling fans, curtain rods, drapes and blinds, painting murals in bedrooms, deep cleaning all the rooms, building a pantry in the kitchen (stocked with food), installing fill dirt, granite, and wood chips around the property, and decorating a Christmas tree for the family's first Christmas in their completely remodeled home. Former STA parent Michele Hinz, a professional photographer (, graciously donated a photo shoot of the family, and some students created a wonderful framed photo collage for the Rodriguez family to enjoy. Sleep America donated new mattresses for the entire family, and U-Haul donated a storage unit and moving truck to help retrieve and store donated items.

This project was a fantastic experience for the eighth graders to grow in their relationship with Christ, serving those truly in need during Advent, and it was also a chance for them to work side by side and grow closer to each other.

Christ’s Blessings,
Mary Coffman