Tax Credit and Student Tuition Organizations

The Saint Thomas the Apostle community welcomes all families and strives to make a Catholic education affordable. All families, regardless of income level or religious affiliation, are encouraged to participate in and benefit from our Fund for All program helping to make Catholic education affordable through re-direction of state tax dollars at no cost to the taxpayer. Fund for All allows Saint Thomas to maximize the financial resources to support families who have chosen a Catholic education for their children. We are fortunate that in Arizona, scholarships are available for private school tuition regardless of income level.

Below is a list of organizations that provide financial assistance. Some organizations award scholarships based on financial need, but some programs award tuition scholarships based on the recommendation of a particular student/family by the donor. These organizations allow donors to take an active role in how their tax dollars are spent and consequently directly help families and schools provide more children with a private school education.

For the 2016/17 school year these organizations have awarded over $750,000 (and growing) to Saint Thomas students Please visit the websites for detailed information on applications, awards, donation limits and qualifications for each of the programs. Please feel free to contact the admissions office if you have any questions.

STA Tuition Assistance Fund

All Active Catholic families with students in K-8 and Preschool, who are experiencing financial hardship, are eligible to apply for tuition assistance from the STA Tuition Assistance Fund. Contact Tuition Manager, Dawn Mulligan at for more information or to request an application. These applications MUST be submitted with the enrollment packet for consideration.

Please remember Saint Thomas when you prepare your taxes!
Tax credit organizations allow everyone with an Arizona state tax liability to redirect their tax dollars to Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School, and/or to specific children who attend Saint Thomas the Apostle. In addition to, Catholic Education Arizona (see below), there are multiple tax credit programs: Individual, Corporate, Plus and Lexie’s Law for Disabled and Displaced students.

STO Need/Income-
Based Awards
Based Awards
Application Deadline Application Fee Recommend a
specific student/

Catholic Education
Arizona (CEA)

YES   1st round funding 4/15/16 $24 Can recommend STA school (code 192).

Arizona Tuition

YES YES None NO Can recommend STA school or student. This means family and friends in AZ can redirect tax liability directly to your child’s tuition or the STA general fund!

School Choice

YES YES None NO Can recommend STA school or student.

Arizona School
Choice Trust

YES   Opens Jan. 2016. First-come, first-served basis. NO Can recommend STA school (need-based applicants only).

Institute for
Better Education

YES YES Need-based due April 2016. NO Can recommend STA school or student.


YES YES Varies depending on the award. NO Can recommend STA school or student.


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