Sportsmanship, Teamwork, and Friendships

Here at STA we want to give all athletes the opportunity to play and be on a team. We do not make cuts in the 5th and 6th grade classes. Parents must register their students through the online portal to have their student participate in player evaluations and to be placed on a team. Emails with registration links will be sent prior to the start of the school year and before each season.

Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Volleyball Softball Baseball
Flag Football Boys Basketball Girls Basketball

Here at STA we want to give all athletes the opportunity to play and be on a team. We do not make cuts in the 5th and 6th grade classes.

**All registered athletes must attend player evaluations to be considered for team placement**

5th and 6th grade
The focus on the younger grades is for the children to learn the basics of the sport, improve their skills and have as much fun as possible. There are no rankings or CYAA tournaments for 5th and 6th, so playing and learning are the main goals.

At these grades we do not have "A" and "B" teams.


7th and 8th grade
The older grades are where tournament play and competition becomes more of the focus. We still expect our athletes to be playing and learning, but also adding a competitive spirit to their game.

Athletes will be evaluated in tryouts, and placed on the team which fits them at that current time.

STA will look to produce a competitive 7th and 8th grade team in all our sports.

There is a lot of work to do prior to the season beginning, and it is very important that I have all athletes registered in time. Uniforms need to be ordered, coaches need to be in place and the numbers of teams need to be confirmed. 

Please see the below dates for the seasons.

Season Sports Dates
Fall Volleyball & Flag Football September 10-October 30
Winter Softball & Boys Basketball November 20-January 30
Spring Baseball & Girls Basketball February 20-April 30

Each registered athlete must have a completed physical form on file at the beginning of the school year, before they can participate in school sports. An email will be sent to 5th-8th grade parents from the school office with links to the necessary forms and directions on how to upload all of the documents. All forms will need to be submitted online.

Interested in coaching? Please complete this form, and email it to me at

You will need to complete the "Safe Environment" course, have your fingerprints taken and a copy given to the parish before you can be a Coach, Assistant Coach or supervise the children in any way.

For more details, please contact Brittany Allen at the Parish Office;
Brittany Allen 602-954-9089 x5210