Middle School

While preparing our middle school students for High School, each of their individual talents are supported, their spirituality deepens, and their level of service increases as they become more aware of their community responsibility. This balance of personal growth and achievement, as part of a socially responsible community, provide our students the tools they need to lead meaningful, and successful lives.

Our teaching staff at this level is departmentalized and offers students a traditional middle school experience. The departmental model provides instruction by teachers who are experts in their fields They begin the day with their homeroom teacher and move to different classrooms for instruction in specific subject areas. Personal responsibility, independence, and academic challenges increase while we maintain an environment of support and guidance.

Our Middle School students become leaders in our community. For two years 7th and 8th graders are paired with Kindergarten and First grade students as a part of our “Buddy” program. They accompany our youngest students to mass and other events in addition to being a friendly face and source of support on campus. Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, the Ambassador Program, STA Service Program, school play, and athletics allow our students to explore leadership and expand friendships, consistent with their strengths and interests.

7th and 8th grade students have their first school dances and overnight field trip to Catalina Island Marine Institute and Astro Camp.