A Place to Play, Learn and Grow

Saint Thomas the Apostle Preschool is a newly remodeled school within a school on our campus dedicated to preschool and kindergarten students. It offers a 3-year-old program, Pre-K classes, and a redesigned outdoor play spaces focused on nature and imagination. Saint Thomas recognizes that not only are the preschool and kindergarten ages a time of great change for children it is also a special time to be a parent. By offering a separate preschool from the main campus parents and their children will have all the community benefits of a traditional preschool experience.

Saint Thomas the Apostle Preschool is a ten-month program, August – May. The preschool will observe all holidays, vacations and summer break as listed on the All School Year Calendar. Children must be toilet trained and ready to have a fun filled day with friends and teachers.

“The preschool and kindergarten ages have their own distinct developmental milestones and we want to address the needs of our youngest students with age-appropriate spaces for them to learn and grow. Our curriculum focuses on play and exploration in our 3 year old program and there is a progression to a more academic program as our students mature through our preschool and into our Kindergarten program,”

3-Year-Old Program:

Our 3-year-old program provides an environment of warmth and trust where play leads to building self-esteem, problem solving, independence, creativity, and peer socialization. These skills are important stepping-stones towards kindergarten readiness. Our curriculum is designed to engage all children in each activity with the goal of developing a life-long love of learning. Music, Art, Literature, Religion, Creative Play, Snack Time, and Outdoor Play are a part of each exciting day in our 3-year-old program. We offer several options for the 3-year-old program. Parents may choose between 2, 3 or 5 days a week from 8:00-Noon with an optional extended day from Noon-3:00.

Pre-K Program:

Pre-K provides a wonderful transition year before Kindergarten for four year olds who are ready for more learning opportunities. During their Pre-K year, our students will experience social, emotional and intellectual growth under the guidance of an experienced teacher, in addition to the support of an aide. Special visitors and on-campus events inspire and connect children to a greater community and world. The full day program includes: Music, Art, Literature, Hand Writing, Reading, Religion, Creative play, Snack and Lunch Time, Outdoor Play and Rest Time. Pre-K is a full week program meeting Monday-Friday from 8:00-3:00.