Resources & Support

Saint Thomas is fortunate to have a team of teachers, specialists, and health professionals to assist our students and families.

Resource Program:

The St. Thomas School Resource Program is designed to ensure that all students learn and reach their full potential. Classroom and resource teachers, administration, and parents work collaboratively to support and assist students who have been identified with learning disabilities and students who are experiencing marked difficulties in specific academic areas.

The goals of the Resource Program are to help students recognize, develop, and celebrate their talents and strengths; understand their learning styles; advocate for themselves; develop organizational skills; learn strategies for success; complete work independently; exhibit growth; accept responsibility for their work; take pride in their work; and become confident lifelong learners.


A full-time counselor is on campus to aid in addressing issues regarding socialization, mental health, and management of diagnosed learning challenges. Classroom and small group lessons are periodically conducted to guide students through the challenges common for elementary school students such as managing friendships, sibling relationships, conflict resolution, self-esteem, stress, and developing social skills. Individual counseling is available for private situations that interfere with a student’s academic or social achievement.

Health Office

A registered nurse is on staff full-time to treat illness and injury, conduct health screenings, assess student growth and development, and monitor communicable diseases. The nurse assists students with chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. The nurse is also party of a multidisciplinary team that instructs health and safety education. The Health Office is open to all students during the school day.