Academic Program

Saint Thomas’ academic program is challenging, engaging, and strives to inspire a life-long love of learning in our students. Our team of professional and dedicated educators employs multiple teaching methods to provide rich learning environments. Our curriculum meets or exceeds state standards in every subject area and includes instruction in: Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Technology, Spanish, Latin, Performing Arts, Studio Art and Physical Education. We are proud of our accomplished learners and thinkers who demonstrate strong work habits, use various skills and strategies to solve problems and reach goals, and communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and listening.

At Saint Thomas, a community of teachers, assistants, specialists, and administrators provide dedicated attention throughout the day. More than 80% of our talented staff hold Masters Degrees, and all of our teachers hold Bachelors Degrees with many years of teaching experience. Our teachers actively participate in ongoing professional development in order to provide the best educational experience for our students.


Our teachers have discovered these tools create interactive instruction and participation which enhances the overall student experience. Saint Thomas has integrated Smartboards, PCs and iPads into our repertoire of teaching tools, providing opportunities for individualized instruction from grades K through 8. Every junior high student utilizes an iPad. Our investment in the latest technology is increasing the opportunities for student-driven projects and differentiated learning.

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